What if you escaped time?

What if you escaped time?

Once in a while, we get involved in playing a game. Be it board, indoor or outdoor game. Let’s use the famous football. If you are playing, it is almost like you are trapped inside the field… As long as the game is on, you keep playing by the rules and to win for your team or for whichever other corperate reason.

That sounds normal enough. If you are watching, you easily spot chances of winning, it’s just the way it is.

In this case, the players are trapped withing the field untill the game is over and or something else puts it to a halt or perhaps you get a red card and it’s done for you.

Now we can proceed with the main story, think of time as the main game… As long as the universe exists within time, we are all trapped inside the game. The crazy thing would be if you found a way to escape time, would you look at the universe as if a field full of players?
Maybe yes, the challenge is how do you escape time and which are the rules that time works with, what is outside time?

One thing is clear, as long as you play by the rules of the game(time), nothing changes… You get born, live and die. Maybe if you break a certain rule… You wake up outside time itself and become a timeless observer.

Maybe someday we will find out, untill then… we are all trapped inside time and if time ends, we end with it.

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